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If you’re a general contractor or construction company, we’re the pros helping you with the tools you need to generate more jobs and close more sales both in the residential and commercial sectors. GSA approved contractors are specifically marketed to be “on the call list” for the municipalities they service.

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Fender Marine Construction Fender Marine Construction Fender Marine Construction Fender Marine Construction
Fender Marine Rebranding, SEO, SEM, Media Planning & Buying

Problem: Fender Marine used to be part of Cloud 9 Services. A large percentage of Cloud 9 Plumbing and Septic’s business revolved around marine construction and pile driving. This caused confusion for their clients who were looking for marine construction services and finding plumbing services or clients who were looking for plumbing services and finding a company who build boat docks and retention walls.

Solution: In order to end all confusion about the two aspects of his business, we advised him to split the two distinct specialties into two autonomous and independent businesses. Cloud 9 Services continued to be a Plumbing and Septic company and Fender Marine Construction was established to build boat docks, cofferdams, and other marine construction projects. We developed a brand and marketing materials, which installs trust that the Cloud 9 brand couldn’t.

Results: Since the split and creation of the Fender Marine Construction brand, both Cloud 9 and Fender Marine Construction have seen substantive growth. Consumers trust Fender Marine Construction because it is a dedicated construction company and potential plumbing clients are no longer able to find marine construction services under the Cloud 9 website.

Cloud 9 Services SEO, SEM, Media Planning & Buying Cloud 9 Services

Royall provides paid search management and digital advertising strategy for Cloud 9 Services. Since Royall took over their PPC campaign, traffic has increased by 112%, while lowering pay per click costs by over 50%. Traffic is relevant, as shown by way of conversions, calls, and time spent on the website. We have continued to grow the account and slowly increased the budget as campaigns have been dialed in.

American Deep Foundation Web Design, SEO, SEM American Deep Foundation

American Deep Foundation approached Royall with a basic website which had very minimal traffic. The company was looking to generate more leads online with a strategy to dominate the search engines. Royall redeveloped a new website with a content strategy to increase organic search rankings and bring more opportunities for bids. The company’s traffic has increased more than 100 fold, and large construction jobs have directly been attributed to the client finding the company on the web. Royall is continuing to grow the ADF traffic monthly.

Geotech Rebranding, Web Design, SEO, SEM Geotechnical Foundation Systems

Like many construction companies, Geotechnical Foundation Systems, or GEOTECH, did not have a brand or any kind of marketing support to help grow their business. GEOTECH didn’t have a logo or website when they first approached us to help them build awareness beyond the word of mouth advertising that built their business for the first 15 years of their existence. We designed a brand and launched a new website for them, then supported the launch with a successful online marketing campaign which has helped grow significantly grow their market share in Florida.

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