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Get People Behind Your Cause

We create partnerships with for profit companies deploying cause-marketing campaigns for our non-profit clients that help to achieve social responsibility, and even help plan and promote events.

Communicating to ensure your message resonates with those who need your help, as well as those who want to help, is ultimately how we move mountains. Royall’s culture is also one that gives back, and is known for providing reduced rates for non-profits to help stretch a budget further, doing more with less.

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Charity Cars Website Charity Cars Website Charity Cars Website Charity Cars Website
Charity Cars Website Redesign, SEO, SEM, Media Planning & Buying

Problem: Charity Cars came to us in a time of decline. The website(s) were broken, outdated, and did not function on mobile devices. The organization had a following however of over 100,000 active members, all in need.

Solution: We started by repairing the member site, so not to loose the 100,000 member base which took years to create. We moved on after that to the redesign of the donor webpage, optimizing it for conversions, making it a responsive mobile friendly design, and re-writing the copy.

Results: Donations increased 25% daily after the launch of the new donor site.

Currently we’re implementing a new PSA based media plan, and have started an SEO and content strategy which has made its way across the social networks, increasing relevant traffic.

Florida Hospital Shares International Video Documentary and Complete Rebrand Florida Hospital Shares International

Shares International is an organization that is part of the Florida Hospital Foundation and helps fix kids with cleft pallets. Our first project with Shares was to create a video documentary that showcased a typical mission trip, and brought those who have been helped in front of potential donors and volunteers. This was critical since mission trips were out of the country and donors could not usually see how their dollars would benefit the end beneficiary. We also designed a website for them.

With our help, Shares International is currently going through a rebrand to better align the name with the mission and vision of the organization in preparation for a large media advertising and awareness PSA campaign.

Kaboom Advertising Production Kaboom

Kaboom helps build playgrounds in communities in need with the sponsorship help of large corporations such as Home Depot. Royall helped to create media and promotional materials for Kaboom to launch these playgrounds in different communities and assist with public relations and media coverage.

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