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Moving Commercial & Residential Properties

From a commercial standpoint, we understand what business owners are seeking when looking for office space, flex space, and even virtual space and we know where to find them. At the residential level, we target future homeowners, renters, and those looking for short-term vacation rentals.

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Rockefeller Group Business Center Rockefeller Group Business Center Rockefeller Group Business Center Rockefeller Group Business Center Rockefeller Group Business Center
Rockefeller Group Business Centers Videos, SEO, and Paid Search Management

Rockefeller Group Business Centers operates multiple properties in California and New York City. As a leasing agent, they provide multiple solutions for office space, including traditional space under lock and key, virtual space, collaborative space, and shared resources such as reception, IT, conference rooms, and more.

Problem: Rockefeller Group Business Centers had a higher than warranted vacancy rate and needed a way to lease more space. The properties are very high end so a premium price is paid which makes the target market narrow. Virtual space and individual meeting room bookings however could make up the difference if marketed and secured properly.

Solution: Royall suggested a digital strategy to target those who were looking for meeting spaces online, as well as avid travelers coming into New York who needed a virtual solution view paid search and display ads. Additionally we produce a series of videos for the campaign “Get The Best Adress” which showcased client testimonials, as well as a “you can do it” message to play towards a professional or entrepreneur who needs the prestige of working at one of the most recognizable addresses in the world. We also implemented an SEO strategy to continue to drive organic traffic.

Results: The campaign had over half a million views in the first few months, vacancy in NYC has dropped by 50%, meeting room bookings, and virtual club memberships are up significantly. The company has asked us to prepare ourselves for doing a similar thing for the California market.

Sommerville Real Estate Group
Sommerville Rebrand and Collateral

The Sommerville Real Estate Group deals with properties in the Orlando area ranging from average to upwards of $8,000,000. The Sommerville Group needed a brand which would instill confidence in clients who are buying and selling top tier homes. We created a sophisticated brand identity that included a logo, style guide, and all of the marketing collateral that the real estate team would need to conduct business.

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