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This is what we do

We do projects fast, we do them well, and we do them on budget.

You can’t sell something that someone doesn’t want or need. It’s our job to get you in front of your customers, get them involved in your brand and help them understand that they need and want what you’re selling.

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Our Bread and Butter

At the end of the day good advertising drives sales for businesses. That’s it. Of course the recipe is much more complicated in reality, including a sound strategy for placement, great design, well written copy, and an integrated approach to the different brand and consumer touch points.

Media Planning & Buying

Reach the Right Demographic

Royall plans media buys for corporate clients based on demographics, geographics, and psychographics. We use the latest research tools and services such as Strata® to plan, buy, manage, and check placement. We track results through a variety of methods dependent upon the medium to consistently improve ROIs overtime. Our relationships with media providers also help us to negotiate the best rates on behalf of our clients.


Painting with Light & Exposure

Photography is an art form. We source talent, and hold auditions. We know just how to make food look appetizing, fashion models look gorgeous, and vacation destinations desirable.

Web Development

The Best Developers in the Biz

Our developers are proficient in Drupal, Magento, Wordpress, HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL, and more. Coupling clean commented code and proper database structure with our experience in UI/UX Interface design lends to beautiful, functional, and fast running web sites. Furthermore our SEO team is involved on every web project.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO/SEM)

Get More Web Traffic

Royall manages on site SEO, content development strategies, social media management, product micro-data, pay-per-click management, remarketing, online media planning, and affiliate programs. Tracking results with analytics, we continue to show improvements month over month.

Aerial Drone Videography

Video From the Sky

We can get the video shots others can’t. When your budget can’t afford a full fledge helicopter fly-over, but you need aerial video, Royall has what you’re looking for. Our drone 8 blade helicopter can also fly lower and closer than traditional full size helicopters, and even enter through double doors, blurring the lines between interior and exterior video shots from the air without post production effects.

Virtual Tours on Google Maps

Let Someone Experience Your Business Location Online

Royall has the necessary equipment and know-how required by Google to take 360 degree virtual walk throughs of your business. These walk throughs are displayed on the street view of Google Maps helping to sell your customer on your location and atmosphere, long before they have made their decision to arrive.


Sound Strategy for Outreach

We work with CMOs, VPs, directors, and business owners to help craft new marketing ideas and plans for growing companies. While advertising may be one piece of the overall plan, our agency dives into content creation, conversion optimization, online strategies, product packaging, and sales tools too.


More than Visual Representation

While most think of branding in it’s simplest form as a logo, Royall goes beyond. We believe a brand is not only the logo we develop, but a refined color pallet with meaning, a voice and communicative tone, a set of fonts with personality, guidelines and rules for usage and consistency, a company’s internal culture, and the beliefs of the employees and customer’s. We create brand advocates.


Creativity with Words

While we employ creative copywriting for advertising campaigns and marketing pieces, we also strive to use the language understood by the demographic we’re writing to. Many times within a business, this means writing to different market segments, staying creative and original, all while managing a consistent voice.

Mobile Apps & Web

Mobile is Nearly 1/3rd of All Web Traffic

We understand that all websites need to be mobile friendly. Taking some client’s mobile experience a step further than most, Royall also develops fully functional web applications and mobile applications. We then optimize mobile applications for increased sales, downloads, and positioning within the app store.

Conversion Optimization

Squeeze More Out of Your Website Visitors

Through A/B testing, usability focus groups, and heat click mapping we are constantly improving the ability for our clients’ websites to generate more sales. Through rigorous analytical analysis, hypothesis creation, testing, tracking, and implementation, we truly apply a scientific process for measuring success.

Quick Turnaround Ad Production

When You Need it Done, It’s Done

Royall has become known for producing graphics and advertisements in a quicker than usual manner for high volume corporate clients when compared to other agencies. Our traffic process for briefing, designing, proofing, approving, and placing is the fastest in the business.

Audio Engineering

Be Heard

We source voice talent, hold auditions, and help make the selection that reflects the proper voice and tone of the brand and campaign. Music selection is narrowed down from royalty free selections, or when called for on larger projects, original scores. Audio tracks for video, radio spots, and pod casts, are just some of what’s coming from our studio.

Experiential Marketing

Experiences Solidify Brand Proponents

Organizing street teams, facilitating product interactions, and connecting with consumers defines experiential marketing. The Event Marketing Institute research states that 71% of consumers say sampling or experiencing a brand is influential to their buying decision.

Graphic Design

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Everyone knows the saying. We believe proper communication requires effective design. Effective design goes beyond that of what “looks good.” We also design to what works. Testing layouts for response rates, ensuring motivational call to actions, and retaining proper brand representation with consistency is just a few of the ways we do it.

User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX)

Design for People

Through usability testing, visual eye tracking, heat map tracking, and conversion optimization, we’ve learned how strategic creative design can actually drive sales and increase profit margins. Our websites and software interfaces not only look good, they’re functional too, leading the user to the end business goal.

eCommerce & Online Retail

Sell More Stuff Online

We provide complete solutions for clients from the ground up, starting with the ability to develop full eCommerce shopping cart platforms and websites. Managing search campaigns, product listing ads, affiliate programs, SEO campaigns, remarketing strategies, and abandoned cart recovery strategies are just some of the things we do to lift sales. Optimizing for conversions through A/B testing and usability focus groups also helps generate better online ROI.

HD Video Production & Editing

Designing with Light at 30 Frames Per Second

Rather than outsourcing video production, our agency produces everything in house. We own our own HD camera equipment, steady cam rigs, track and dolly systems, jib arms, a plethora of lighting and sound equipment, and even a drone helicopter to create high-end looking broadcast quality spots and sales content. Costs and budgets are kept in line since there are no middlemen in this process.

Email Marketing

Do More with Your Database

Email marketing is a clear path to additional revenue with a low cost to sales. More than just sending out emails, Royall focuses on database segmentation, effective copywriting, personalization, clear call to actions, and version testing to produce the highest email opens and click-throughs.

PR & Press Release Distribution

Get Ink that Drives Business

Royall researches potential industry publications and maintains a network of journalists and bloggers that have written about your market previously. We pitch ideas for stories that get your business noticed. If those stories are online, we go a step beyond, ensuring links are placed and that the content is written properly for search engine optimization.