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Whether you’re looking to rebrand an entire group of teams at a university, increase ticket sales to events, build loyalty, or market a sports product, Royall knows how to play the game of marketing and advertising to win.

Our sports marketing team has big brand experience. We’ve worked with partners to bring products to market, rebrand, launch sports themed restaurants, and even pitch television shows to networks.

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When performance counts, Royall steps up to the plate.
Golf Buddy Golf Buddy Golf Buddy Golf Buddy
Golf Buddy Branding & Product Packaging

We worked with Golf Buddy on the package design for their newest product, the GolfBuddy World Platinum. The handheld GPS device stores maps of 40,000 golf courses from around the world and has many features such as keeping a scorecard and working as a rangefinder.

Problem: The World Platinum product is GolfBuddy’s most advanced product yet and packaging for previous models did not reflect the high-end nature of the new product.

Solution: We created a variant of the GolfBuddy logo with a metallic finish to play up the name as well as indicate visually that the World Platinum is a luxury lifestyle product. We also created a brand new packaging with a more minimal feel that was in line with other high-end technology brands.

Result: The new packaging helped attract affluent world-traveling patrons who were willing to spend more for a luxury edition the GolfBuddy product which made the World Platinum one of most popular products that GolfBuddy offers.

Presidium / Impact Alert Product Demonstration Video

The Impact Alert is designed to alert athletes that a significant impact has occurred to their helmet. The product first launched in Canada on a national level at Canadian Tires stores. In order to build interest and awareness in the retail space, we created a video to support the floor displays in most Canadian Tire locations. The main goals of the video were to capture the attention of foot traffic in the store, and to quickly educate potential consumers about the Impact Alert product. To this end, we created a 1 minute looping video.

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